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Apr 18, 2013 9:00am PDT
the secretary of the department of homeland security, janet napolitano, saying that the fbi wants to speak with individuals seen in the at least a video, one video from the boston marathon. she is not calling these individuals, quote, suspects. and she didn't go into any other detail other than to say that the video has raised questions about these individuals. we don't know how many, but that the fbi would like to interview them. she also said it's still not clear if the bombs were the work of foreign or of domestic terrorists, but she said that the investigation is continuing. jennifer davis in boston, she's been covering the events there all week. some final thoughts from you, jennifer. >> reporter: well, rick, the white house said the president was personally involved in writing this speech, and his goal was twofold; both to come here and offer his condolences to the people of boston, but also to applaud their resolve. and on the streets of boston, certainly, we're seeing that as people come back out, head to work, walk their children to school, enjoy the beautiful parks. also all eyes
Apr 19, 2013 9:30am PDT
, former assistant director of the fbi. when you heard what law enforcement, massachusetts state police, the watertown police, what they had to say, of course the governor and the mayor, what was your immediate bottom line on the state, tom, of this effort to apprehend this suspect, this alleged killer? >> well i thought it's a good job on their part to come out and just let everybody know they are method clowe working through these. >> . when they say they are 60, 70% through with what they are trying to accomplish, when they say what they are doing in the neighborhoods, and a control explosion, i think it's basically telling everybody they are there, they are making everybody safe, they are gonna resolve this, they are working through the public safety. >> and i think that, again, it's an example of each agency of a task force brings to the table their expertise. so yes, you've got the federal investigators off, trying to cover leads all over the world and resolve. >> and the subjects of the case but then you also have the police doing their job of apartments and other physical locati
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2